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What is Myrkl?

  • A unique pre-drinking supplement, designed for responsible adults who want to enjoy socializing without having to compromise the next day. This liver support supplement helps with a more productive morning routine

Why should I choose Myrkl?

  • Enjoy yourself tonight, and wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed
  • 92% Customer Satisfaction
    • No risk: Safe ingredients, science-based formulation optimised over 30 years of development
    • 100% vegan
    • Only $2.30 per dose & 30 days money back guarantee

    How does Myrkl work?

    • The secret of Myrkl is its formulation - Prebiotics, probiotics, L Cysteine & Vitamin B12 help improve metabolic function to support liver health. This science-based formula helps with tiredness & fatigue linked to moderate drinking
    • Myrkl’s unique formulation has been perfected through 30 years of research & development in Sweden
    • Promising research on L Cysteine has shown its potential role in promoting acetaldehyde metabolism to aid liver care

    How do you use Myrkl?

    • For maximum effect, take two capsules of Myrkl two hours before drinking
    • Experience the responsible way to enjoy your night out with this unique pre-drinking supplement that contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function
    Who should use Myrkl?

    • Our pre-drinking supplement is designed for smart, health-minded adults who want to feel their best the morning after celebrating, and demand performance, productivity and mental clarity in their personal and professional lives

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