myrkls commitment to positive socialising

Policies and Disclaimers

Myrkl manifesto

  1. Myrkl products are for responsible drinking, not alcohol intoxication.
  2. Myrkl supports responsible, and health-conscious alcohol consumption.
  3. Myrkl does not aim to alleviate the impact of excess alcohol consumption and its must never be an excuse to drink alcohol in excess.
  4. De Faire Medical invented AB001TM and the Myrkl brand to address the needs of moderate social drinkers struggling to metabolise alcohol effectively.
  5. Myrkl is not a product for people who want to drink alcohol in excess, as consuming AB001™ would mean it would take much longer and be much more expensive to get drunk.
  6. This is exactly what our consumer research has found: the most frequent drinkers who want to drink alcohol in excess are not interested in AB001™. The consumers who are most interested in AB001™ are moderate social drinkers who are health conscious and want to feel their best the next day. Therefore, Myrkl is exclusively focused on responsible drinking, supporting liver health, and morning well-being.
  7. Beyond complying with local regulations, inventing and selling a product of this kind brings with it certain responsibilities. De Faire Medical commits to responsibly promote Myrkl:
  • We have a clear and unambiguous position on alcohol. Alcohol is a toxic substance from the firstdrop ingested and everyone must always respect Government and official guidelines when it comes to alcohol consumption.
  • We insist that AB001™ is never an excuse to drink excess alcohol, or worse, to drink and drive.
  • We will never target an under-age population in our marketing activities
  • Myrkl does not claim to cure, treat, mitigate or prevent hangovers caused by alcohol intoxication.
  • Myrkl is not to be used to mitigate health problems caused by excessive drinking or as a substitute for responsibly limiting one’s alcohol consumption.
  • The FDA considers “alcohol intoxication” to be a disease, and a “hangover” to be a sign or symptom of alcohol intoxication. There is, however, a difference between alcohol intoxication and responsible drinking as it is possible to responsibly limit one’s alcohol consumption.It has been well established that people can feel less than 100% the next morning even after responsibly limiting one’s alcohol consumption. Just 1 standard drink, which would be considered responsible drinking, is enough to make someone feel less than completely rested when they wake up. Therefore, there is a difference between hangovers caused by alcohol intoxication and feeling less than 100% caused by responsible drinking.
  • Responsible drinking, or moderate consumption of alcohol, is not a disease. But, consuming alcohol can lead to a disease. If you believe that you have a disease, such as a liver or alcohol-related disease, please seek the care of a medical professional immediately.